Facts about 13 Reasons Why season

Facts about 13 Reasons Why Season

Facts about 13 Reasons Why Season Overview

13 Reasons Why season is based on the plague of the current era ‘’depression”, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide. Thirteen Reasons why enables Teens and Parents to discuss genuinly and take on develop themes. It enables youngsters and guardians to discuss their emotions and take out the entirety of their annoyance and privileged insights out.We are providing important facts about 13 Reasons Why season.

Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford, has truly been an emotional character to talk about. And simultaneously she experienced such a significant number of things, that made it simpler for us to discuss increasingly develop themes and not simply feelings. Even however for what reason is proposed to be viewed with a believed grown-up or somebody you trust.

And the contrast among phony and genuine, is something you would need somebody to know. Thirteen Reasons for what reason is Sad, tough, Dramatic, Scary and a smidgen Happy. The cast, have made sense of an approach to blend each one of those feelings and a million more into their characters in the series.

This show unquestionably enables individuals with Depression, Anxiety, Anorexia, self to hurt and self-destructive contemplations talk more and open up to individuals about how they are feeling and their issues. We gathered some of the table facts for you to take a deep look in the show:

Katherine Langford was auditioned for Jessica’s role

Although, Katherine was cast to play the role of Hannah Baker over Skype but she was also auditioned to play the role of the second lead Jessica. Although, the role was later given to Alisha Bae.

Selena Gomez is a part of the crew

Selena Gomez and the singer’s mom loved the original book, which was a best seller in itself, from the year 2008. They negotiated the rights of 13 Reasons Why with the original author Asher. After getting the rights both Selena and her mom Mandy Teefey became executive producers of the series.

They had therapy dogs during the shooting period

Most of the cast members are youngsters and the show highlights many teenage problems like Anxiety, Anorexia, Drug abuse, Loneliness, Depression, sexual assault and even rape. In an interview, cast members told that some scenes were so difficult to shoot that they need to hire therapy dogs to avoid the mental breakdown.

Clay’s semicolon tattoo represents suicide prevention

Project Semicolon is an organization dedicated to preventing suicide among individuals. Clay gets a semicolon tattoo in the second season to represent the aim of this organization. Moreover, the executive producer Selena Gomez and other cast members including Alisha Bae, Tommy Dorfman and Brandon Flynn also had matching semicolon tattoos.

In Books, Hannah didn’t slit her wrists

In the last episode of the first season, we saw Hannah stole blades from her parent’s supermart and arms into the bathtub. But according to books, she killed herself by the overdose. The creators said we changed the method to depict how painful it is to kill yourself.

Hannah died to give a stronger message

Initially, Hannah was supposed to survive in books by pumping her stomach. But later, the author Jay Asher thought the story message will be much stronger if Hannah dies. He wants to show how unworthy of it is to kill yourself because of others. The world doesn’t stop for you, the sun, the moon, the Earth revolving continues like before but it’s your loved ones who suffer the most.

Tommy Dorfman came out as Non-Binary

In show he found his sexuality as Gay man but in real life, he considered himself as Non-Binary. It means he doesn’t consider himself a woman nor a man. He told in an interview that physically he is a man but internally he found himself female but he doesn’t want to change his male body.

The Hottie Ross Butler Left the Riverdale show for 13 Reasons Why

Many Riverdale fans were confused about why Ross Butler left the show even though he doesn’t have any major role in 13 Reasons Why. Later, in season 2 we realized his character importance as well as how he developed his mean, arrogant character to a supporting friend. People loved his and Hannah’s chemistry so much that they began to ship Zack-Hannah more than Clay-Hannah.

Selena Gomez was going to be our Hannah

We all know Selena was a fan of the original book from 2008 but not many people know originally she was supposed to play the role of the lead girl Hannah baker. She backed off because she wanted the viewers to see themselves in the character of Hannah, not her. Selena Gomez lovers couldn’t see her on-screen but they could see her but you can hear her cover ‘’Only You” inspired by Hannah and Clay.

You can hear Hannah’s tapes too!

Yes! You can also hear those painful tapes recorded by Hannah Baker on the official website of Thirteen Reasons Why book. They are originally written by Asher and we warn you they contain a lot of spoilers! Moreover, you can also find Hannah’s reasons there along with the reader’s reactions.

In books, there was not lawsuit

There are some major differences between show and the book. In books, Hannah’s parents’ characters were not much discussed and hence there was no lawsuit against the school or Bryce Walker. Also, Hannah and Clay were co-workers in the books too but they were not close to each other until they felt a connection in Jessica’s party.


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