facts about stranger things season

Facts about Stranger Things Season

The science-fiction horror series Stranger Things cast have won our hearts from its pilot episode. There are so many facts about stranger things season that we love.

The sweet innocent love between Mike and Eleven give us goals, the playboy Steve Harrington turning into a full time mom, the 80s mullets, big spectacles, loose clothes, moreover, the love triangle between Nancy, Steve and Jonathan, the bond between the friends that they are even ready to die for each other, the romance between Steve and Justin along with horror action, I mean the list goes on.

Stranger things seaon is interesting in itself but its cast is as interesting as the season itself. Here we gather facts about stranger things season cast for you to know them more closely:

The favorite season was rejected almost 20 times:

Yes, before marking its spot on Netflix the super hit show was rejected 15 times by almost 15 networks. The reason behind this, as told by Duffer Brothers, is its uniqueness of having Children as main lead, but the show is not exclusively for the children.

And yes! We teenagers and even adults love it much than the children. They also told they said either make it children show or about Hopper to investigate ‘Stranger things’ happening in the Hawkins.  I’m sure those executives regret their decision now.

The Duffer Brothers are twins

The creators of this gem Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are twins in real life. I know this information is not so important but it is still interesting to know, doesn’t it? This wasn’t their debut project, they had made a movie Hidden and also worked in other projects like Wayward Pines.

Ross Duffer is married

Ross Duffer and director Leigh Janiak of Palm Springs meet in 2006 at a production company at Loss Angels. Ross was working as an intern and she was an assistant of a producer. After spending almost a decade with one another the couple got married in 2015.

The real life Stranger things –The Montauk Project:

The show stories and thrills are closely related to a secret government project happening in Montauk town in the 80s. The town faced strange child abductions, later it was found that the government is kidnapping innocent kids for their evil experiment happening in Montauk Air Force Base in Long Island.

They were experimenting with time traveling and psychological ware fares methods and techniques on the poor kids. The show creators took inspiration from this alleged incident that happened on those poor innocent souls.

The show original name was supposed to be “Montauk”

As the Duffer brothers took inspiration from the Montauk Incident so they choose to name the show after it. It was even signed with the name “Montauk” at Netflix, and the shooting was also supposed to happen at Montauk but later they realized it’s difficult to shout in Montauk islands during the winter season so they decided to change the name Montauk with Stranger

Things and shifted the shooting place to Hawkins. Honestly, we love the name Strangers Things more.

The backstory behind The Upside Down

The Duffer brothers said there is a whole 30 page documentation behind the upside down twist and they will discuss it in detail in the last seasons of the blockbuster show.

Eleven has only 42 lines of dialogues in first season

The eleven year old Millie Bobby Brown won our hearts in the first season even with such small number of dialogues. The alone, scared kid on run was victim of abuse and doesn’t know much of words and slangs. The shaved head aid into her innocence and we felt pity for the poor little girl.

Millie Bobby Brown mom shaved her hair

The breakout star Mille Brown’s mum shaved her head for the preparation of lead role. Her dad becomes so traumatized and begun to sob, he was not even able to watch it. You can watch this emotional footage on the internet.

The Demogorgon is real!

The monster is real in the game Dungeons & Dragons and most interesting part is they are prince of Demons. But the show Demogorgon and game monsters are different from each other. The Demogorgon of D&D game has two serpents liked heads on him.

The Prank on Noah Schnapp’s mother

The Duffer brothers played a prank of Noah’s, mother by showing her the fake corpse of her son. They said her to go in a dark closet and showed her fake yet realistic corpse of her dead son. Initially, she was startled and everyone became scared. They thought they had crossed the line but after coming to her senses she began to love it.

The Stranger things was watched by 19.17 million viewers in its first 3 days:

The almost 15 to 20 times rejected show was watched by 361,000 people in its first 24 hours including all the nine episodes. When Stranger things second season was released it was viewed by 8.8 million register users only in the first 3 days. Moreover, the 3rd season’s first episode was viewed by 19.17 million viewers crossing the 17.7 million people viewers’ record of Stranger things 2 first episode record.


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