Riverdale Amazing Mysteries TV Series

Riverdale Amazing Mysteries TV Series

Riverdale Amazing Mysteries TV Series Overview

Riverdale is an amazing show for the teenagers played by the most talented adults. Its mysteries and exciting events had everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what’s going to happen next. Riverdale Amazing Mysteries TV Series Season 1, Jason Blossoms’ death was a mysterious story yet sad and creative as it gives the viewer something to hope for and possibly make them think strategically to make guesses.

In Season 2, The Black Hood and Jingle Jangle mystery were figured out by Archie, Veronica, Betty and our beloved narrator Jughead. The romance that comes with the group of friends gave us power couples goals.

Now, let’s discuss Season 3, The Gargoyle King kept us interested because we hoped he get caught but unfortunately, he wasn’t real. Last but not least Season 4, by the time you make it to the middle of season 3 you won’t even think there is a need for season 4 but just wait till episode 22 it’s shocking.

Let’s discuss some facts about this super hit show:

Lili Reinhart started auditioning since her childhood:

Lili started her career at a young age. Her mom takes her to different auditions by using her dad’s hotel points. She is thankful to her parents and said they were the most supportive parents and if it weren’t from them she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. Because of her mom’s efforts and her talent she worked in the super hit show Law and Order.

Cole Sprouse and co-star Camila Mendes were schoolmates

Both the lead roles both attended the NYU at the same time interval. Although Cole Sprouse totally denies to see Camila on the campus she told that she remembers meeting him and described him a total weirdo with long hair and often saw him outside the class. It could be explained as Cole was a previous Child star in the TV show The Suite Life of Dean but Camila was an aspiring actor.

Riverdale was originally supposed to be a Time Travelling Movie

Originally, Warner Bros wanted Archie to be a time traveler played by Louis C.K. They spent nearly a month to write the plots of Archie being a time traveler but later they decided to turn into a TV show without the plot of time traveling. Hopefully, the changed pitch clicked and Riverdale became a success.

KJ APA hand got broken

During the Season 1 when Archie saves the Cheryl Blossom from dying in frozen lake by punching the thick ice. Although, he wasn’t punching the ice in real but the actor got so far in the acting and smashed the foam mat sitting on the ice. He said initially, due to cold he couldn’t felt the pain but after 20 minutes he realized the damage. Brave of him, he didn’t tell it to anyone.

Every episode is named after old movies

Writers told in an interview that after working on episode script they spent their energy on deciding the title of the episode. Often, they are named after the old movies along with some variations. Aiding to your info, if you give a little head to the episode’s title you’ll find out how it is a spoiler in itself.

Vanessa Morgan aka Tony got death Threats

People loved Bughead so much that when they felt a click between tony and Jughead they became enraged. She told in an interview that fans will send her awful messages and even death threats furious in the possibility of Betty and Jughead breakup.

The Blossom’s family roots run in deep

The Latin Phrase radices currere abyssi, written on the Blossom’s Family main gate translates to roots run deep. Many fans found the house and the family seems to be very strange and incestuous from the first episode.  Also, their house is named as Thorn Hill.

Madelaine Petsch is an Archie comics fangirl

The 2018 MTV Movie & TV Award winning star Madelaine Petsch for the Best Scene Stealer told that she was a fan of original Archie comics. She told she loves the comic from childhood and called KJ APA on the set crush of her (we all Madelaine! We All). By seeing her love for the comics the original Archie Comics sent her vintage comics of her character Cheryl Blossom.

Cole Sprouse wants to write Riverdale’s spinoff

The actor said he has been approached by Riverdale’s showrunner Roberto to write the comic spinoff. He became excited and wanted to test his writing skills. He said it would be awesome to write about the Riverdale’s spinoff.

Madelaine Petsch has water Phobia

The screen stealer has fears of our own and it was difficult for her to film several important scenes. Due to her aquaphobia it was horrible to shoot her drowning scene boat scenes.

KATHERINE LANGFORD aka Hannah Baker of 13 Reasons Why also auditioned for Betty Copper

Camila Mendes revealed in an interview that she and KATHERINE LANGFORD together auditioned for Betty copper and both went along well. Fortunately, Betty Cooper’s role was assigned to Lili and Kate got her gem in other super hit drama series 13 Reason Why. Both the lead ladies did justice to their roles.


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