Sherlock Top Best Mystery Drama Series

Sherlock Top Best Mystery Drama Series

Sherlock Top Best Mystery Drama Series Introduction

One of the best drama series of all time. The drama is widely loved by millions of users all around the world. The sherlock top best mystery drama series have inspired a lot of people in every part of the world. The drama series have earned a lot of revenue for the production team.

The production team of sherlock top best mystery drama series has worked really hard in delivering the master piece to the millions of viewers all around the world. The drama series have been listed in one of trending TV shows in the world.

The drama is more like a crime or mystery serial. Like most of the other TV serials it has some similar type of script or you can say that similar type of format that is being followed depending upon the situation. Well, this type of dramas are being loved by people of every age. Some of the episodes of this drama series has got viral and earned a lot of success as compared to its competitors.

The drama is more like a TV shows that have transformed the online community with their quality work. We will be taking a brief look at the cast and lead of this amazing drama series. The drama series ranked in one of the most followed drama series that have been trending over the internet.

Or you can categorize this sherlock top best mystery drama series in the list of Hollywood films that have presented war at its best. All the actions and events that can be performed in particular war depending upon the events that caused the war. The drama depicts the wide image of the crime and mystery scenes. Let us have a look at the details of Sherlock.


As you all know that Sherlock is one of the best dramas series in the world. This drama series have earned a lot of success during its early release and have been earning a lot of revenue. The drama series can be called as the contemporary version or series of detective stories or events regarding the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Moreover, it also depicts the story of  Dr. John Watson. And, I hope you do know about the Dr John Watson.

The story of both is being portrayed in this series. In the story both personnel are demonstrated as the war vet. They have been away from home for years. Both of the personnel have been serving their country in Afghanistan. In the drama story, Watson met one of the most entertaining, eccentric and brilliant holmes.

The Holmes has been serving as the consultant. And the operations associated with the holmes are regarding Scotland yard, which is being advertised for flatmate.  The story will be continued later in this blog. Let me clarify your some of the introductory part of this amazing drama series.

The theme song of the drama series is termed as the Sherlock Theme song and it is being welcomed by large number of people all around the world. If we talk about the release date or date when shoe is broadcasted for the first time, then you will be amazed to know that the show was first started on July 25, 2010.

And, so far the no of episodes that have been broadcasted so far are 13. Wait what. This is really insane that a drama series which has debuted back in 2010, has just released on 13 episodes in 9 years. We will be looking at it later. As, the drama series has received a lot of success, therefore, it is possible that it is nominated for various international awards that means a lot for production team.

The story has received a lot of international rewards for delivering the best drama series. Dozens of international awards were being secured by this amazing drama series. Well, as we have mentioned above that there are no of episodes that are being delivered by the production speed of Sherlock. The best part is that in the 9 years, the production team has introduced more than one seasons having 13 or more episodes in every season.

As of now, there are four season that have been aired and welcomed by a huge chunk of people from every part of the world.  Most of the wellknown TV channels have earned the broadcasting right of this amazing drama series. Therefore, their TRPs have been increased so much.

The ratings of this TV channel are satisfactory and this shows that the TV channel is widely loved by people all around the world.  Here is the list of some amazing and popular episodes of this drama series.

  • The Final Problem
  • The sign of Three
  • The Lying Detective
  • The six Thatchers
  • His Last Vow
  • The Empty Hearse
  • The Reichenbach Gal
  • The Hounds of Baskerville
  • A Scandal In Belgravia
  • The Great Game
  • The Blind Banker
  • A Study in Pink

These are some amazing episodes of all time that is being loved by the people. This list might not include some specific episodes that you loved most. Please do let us know in the comment section below.


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