The Chernobyl disaster Facts series

The Chernobyl disaster Facts Series

An unbelievable The Chernobyl disaster Facts series from start to finish, there is never a dull point throughout the show. We all were impressed with how real everything seemed, from the sets, props to the acting and dialogue, almost like it was recorded from the past itself. The number of scenes in the series that blew my mind is innumerable.

From the 3 divers to the 90 seconds rooftop scene, to the workers staring in horror at the smoldering reactor realizing instantly they had less than a week, the series never failed to capture the powerful emotions at hand.

The series was so riveting and engaging that even towards the end of the last episode, we were anticipating the disasters of Chernobyl even though we knew what would happen. To separate fiction from the reality we gathered the facts and figures for you:

The first firefighter responders to the disaster Vasily Ignatenko suffered a 2 weeks slow death:

The firefighter faced a slow death by coughing out his own organs. He had absorbed a fatly lot of amount of radiation and became an Acute Radiation syndrome (ARS) patient and excreted blood and mucus almost 25 times a day. He died after 2 weeks with ARS.

Animals were left behind but they survived

Officially no human lives in the Chernobyl but many animals have created an ecosystem of their own. After the disaster, the workers were ordered to kill the animals seen within the 1000 sq.-mile. While humans are strict to go there for more than 20,000 years, approximately 200 animal species including bears, Bison, Wolf, Lynxes, Deer and many more had started their habitat there.

Radiophobia caused almost 100,000–200,000 abortions in Europe

The nuclear disaster radiations eventually approached the Europe and people developed the radio radiations phobia. The doctors urged the pregnant ladies to seek abortions to avoid deformed births. Although, these women didn’t face enough level of radiations to cause births of children with defects.

The Red Forest

The severe radiations caused the trees and plants to shed their leaves and the remaining leaves turned their colors to rusty, reddish and pale colors. Workers were ordered to bulldoze and eventually buried them. Even the nearby city of Pripyat in Ukraine trees was effected and turned into The Red Forest.

The disaster affected the population of the invertebrates

Humans ran off, Animals were either killed or they survived the odds but the invertebrates including insects, birds, spiders or butterflies species boarded the consequences. There’s been quite a reduction in insect’s population in the nuclear disaster areas.

Chernobyl residents faced the same conditions as Hiroshima

The survivors of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb attack faced 45 rem (the standard dosage to measure radiation dosage). It was measured that the Chernobyl survivors also faced the same amount of radiation dosage. Although it is not enough to cause ARS or death but it would be enough to develop cancer.

The Chernobyl radiations caused 4000 deaths by cancer

The Chernobyl radiations spread out of Russia and made their way to Europe and the US as well. It was estimated that it will cause 500 deaths due to cancer and 6000 individuals will suffer from cancer but the results were worse. The radiation amount was 10 million rem and it caused 4000 cancer deaths in affected areas.

There are ‘unofficial’ people living in the Chernobyl

It is not allowed to live in Chernobyl and officially no one lives there. But if you visit the site you can see people living there. They say they are unofficially living there and eat self-grown crops and vegetables. There is no educational institute nor any health care there as it is still dangerous to live in the nuclear radiations area. Although, it is still illegal to live there almost 130-150 people still live in the area near exclusion zone.

The Wormwood Prophecy

There is a fallen star named Wormwood in the bible considered to bring the doomsday with it. You will be shocked to now that in the Russian word Chernobyl translates to wormwood in English. Strange right? The book of revelations describes the incidents that will bring the end of the world. The 3rd relegation in the book is the casting of a star named as Wormwood.

Mysterious Dolls resting on the beds

Many innocent children became the victim of nuclear disaster and those who were supposed to play on fields died on their death beds. From the past decade, there is a weird emergence of creepy dolls on the beds of Chernobyl. Nobody knows the source or who puts them here nor the reason behind these dolls is known but one thing is certain it is to remember those poor little souls. Even some ghostly pictures can be visualized in the disaster region.

Cancer became the ‘viral flu’ among the children

The radiations increased 90% chances of cancer among the children and teenagers. There were reportedly 5000 cancer cases, especially Thyroid Cancer, which were seen among individuals under 18 with the 20 years’ time span after the disaster. The most affected areas were Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

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