The Flash Season - American Series

The Flash Season – American Series

The Flash Season – American Series Introduction:

The flash is an American TV series that can be developed by Andrew Kreisberg. In this series, the superhero crime-fighter can move at high speed. The superhero can fight with the criminals that can contain superhuman abilities. There are 5 seasons and 114 episodes of this TV series. The Flash Season – American Series can be released in North America on October 7, 2014.

This TV series is great and has received the people’s choice award. This is the most popular TV series of 2014. The sixth season of this TV series is upcoming that is released on October 8. 2019. The trailer of the sixth seasons of the flash can be released. This TV series is the famous TV series till now.

The Flash Season – American Series Overview:

The main story of this season is the Barry Allen is the forensic scientist and in childhood, the speed lightning can kill his mother and the farming father.  After the death of her mother, he will learn about the ability of superhuman speed. He wants to decide the fighting with the criminals.

Season 1:

The season 1 can be released on 7 October 2014. There are 23 episodes of this season. In season 1, after the death of her mother, he will learn about the ability of superhuman speed. He will awake from the coma nine months and then he works in the central city police department or to find the lightning superhuman speed. He can discover that he can move with the superhuman speed with his friend.

Season 2:

The season 2 can be released on 6 October 2015. There are 23 episodes of this season. In season 2, the flash is the hero of the city center. He faces the new threat in this season that is the parallel earth zoom, and Barry can learn about how to travel in the different earth and he will fight with the zoom. After the zoom defeat, Barry can go back in time and he can save his mother life.

Season 3:

The season 3 can be released on 4 October 2016. There are 23 episodes of this season. In season 3, Barry can change the past and there mother or father can alive. He can create a timeline that can call the flashpoint. This can create a new threat for the Barry that is the Savitar. Barry can see the future that is iris can be killed by the Savitar, so Barry can the future and save the iris or defeating the Savitar.

Season 4:

The season 4 can be released on 10 October 2017. There are 22 episodes of this season. In season 4, the walk and cisco can be able to protect the central city and can fight against the flash. The team of Barry can decide to Barry can bring back. They can face the Meta that can be the control of the technology. The team can battle with the Meta that can control the technology. The team can be the battle with the DeVoe.

Season 5:

The season 5 can be released on 9 October 2018. There are 22 episodes of this season. In season 5, Nora is the new guest that can come from the future. The team decides that the new threat can arrive that a serial killer can be killed the Metahuman so, Barry and their team can battle with a cicada. Barry and Nora can stop him, and fight with the cicada.


  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
  • Candice Patton as Iris West
  • Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow
  • Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
  • Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harry Wells
  • Jesse L. Martin as Joe West

Developed by: 

  • Greg Berlanti
  • Andrew Kreisberg
  • Geoff Johns


  • Grant Gustin
  • Candice Patton
  • Danielle Panabaker
  • Rick Cosnett
  • Carlos Valdes
  • Tom Cavanagh
  • Jesse L. Martin
  • Keiynan Lonsdale
  • Neil Sandilands
  • Hartley Sawyer
  • Danielle Nicolet
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy
  • Chris Klein


The flash season can be watched at around 4.8 million. This TV series is the most popular TV series after the vampire diaries. It is the highest-rated TV series. This is a great TV series and can be the most famous TV series. The rating of the flash is about 6.8 + million. You can watch this TV series and can enjoy it in this TV series you can see the new technology inventions.


This TV series can win many awards. This is the best TV serial and can win the awards that are the best. This is the most famous TV series until now.


              Year                Award                                 Category                                       Nominee              Result   

  • 2014 TV Guide Award                    Favorite New Show                  The Flash                 Won
  • 2015 People’s Choice Awards                      Favorite New TV Drama          The Flash               Won
  • 2016 Saturn Awards          Best Superhero Adaption TV series     The Flash            Won
  • 2017 Saturn Awards                        Choice Action TV Actor            Grant Gustin         Won
  • 2018 BMI Film, TV & Visual         BMI Network Television            Nathaniel Blume    Won

Media Awards                            Music Award                         and Blake Neely

  • 2018 Leo Awards                            Best Visual Effects              Armen V. Kevorkian,   Won

in a Dramatic                           Joshua Spivack,

Series                                     Marc Lougee,






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